third monitor not detected windows 7

Why is the third monitor not detecting windows 7? Quick Fixes

A common issue people face after upgrading to Windows 10 is that the third monitor not detecting Windows 7 anymore. If you’re experiencing this issue, you can do a few things to fix it. This article will discuss the possible causes and solutions to this problem.

Best Fixes to Detect Windows 7 on the Third Monitor

Below we will go 8 Fixes that will certainly solve the problem you’re facing with your third monitor:

Fix 1. Reinstall Monitor Set-Up

Fixing the third monitor not recognized in Windows 7 problems is simply reinstalling your monitors. Make sure you set up each monitor individually. Several technical difficulties may arise when you use many DVI to 3rd display ports.

Unplug each monitor in the suggested sequence and plug it back in when you reach the Advanced Display Settings Window. After several attempts, Auto Detect will detect your third monitor.

Fix 2. Update Drivers

If you’re using the default display drivers, windows 7 may not detect your external monitor correctly. All you need to do is update and install new driver updates on your laptop or desktop system to fix this problem.

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Fix 3. Run Windows Update

The simplest thing you can do to address the problem is this. Just check for all of the latest available updates for your Windows with Windows Update. Some users have reported that installing all of them solved their windows 10 additional monitor problem.

Just press Windows Key + R and type settings: windows update. That’s all you have to do. To complete the process, hit the Enter button.

You can also install the most recent Windows 10 patches from Settings on your own. You may check for updates by clicking on the power button below.

Fix 4: Update Display Settings (on the control panel)

If Windows 7 doesn’t detect all the display options correctly, then it can be fixed by doing a simple setup change in the display settings of windows 7 for that particular screen resolution window device display driver issue with multiple monitors. You will find more information about changing these settings under Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display Settings. Just click on the settings icon.

Fix 5. Uninstall Multiple Display Video Card Driver

Sometimes windows 7 doesn’t detect multiple monitor setup correctly because of a problem with graphics drivers. All you need to do is uninstall and reinstall the latest dedicated graphics card drivers for your laptop or desktop computer system to fix this problem. You can also use google search to find a new updated graphics card driver download page that may come up as an option when you type “multiple displays pc windows 7” in Google Search Engine. If there are no other options, try downloading the newest update from the Microsoft website.

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Fix 6. Install New Graphics Card or Processor

If Windows 7 does not recognize multiple monitors, this may be caused by an old integrated graphics card driver that’s out of date. You need to update primary graphics card drivers and get a new one from the manufacturer’s website or any retailer for your laptop or desktop pc.

Fix 7. Alter The Project Mode

You’ll have to modify the default project mode setting if Windows 7 isn’t recognizing multiple display port settings. Right-click on the desktop and select the Advanced Settings button in the Properties menu. On the advanced tab, select the display settings button. Switch the project to a dual monitor display by clicking on the project mode option.

Restart Windows 7 after you’ve made the modification in order to apply the new settings.

Fix 8. Select The Project Mode As Required

Suppose Windows 7 desktop primary display settings are not working properly. In that case, you will need to change the default project mode setting for multiple monitors setup window screen resolution settings as required (dpi).

To do this, right-click on the desktop and select the properties > advanced settings button. Select the additional display settings button and click on the advanced tab. Click on the project mode option and change it to a dual monitor display. After you have made this change, restart windows 7 in order to apply these new settings.

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How do I move my screen between monitors?

To switch programs between screens, use the following key combination: Instructions: Press and hold the Windows operating Key, followed by adding and holding the SHIFT key. Press the left or right arrow keys to move the active window left or right while keeping those two pressed.

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Can my computer support 3 monitors?

You may have three monitors if your computer has the necessary connections, but it depends on how effective your computer is to provide all three monitors with high quality at the same time.

Why is my third monitor low resolution?

It’s possible that your display adapter or cable connection port is faulty. You can test to see if the connection type works by nudging it or replacing it. If the computer is working correctly, restart it. For example, “Delete the driver software for this device drivers,” says a checkbox in the picture.


If you’re experiencing issues with detecting Windows 7 on the third monitor, you can try a few solutions. By following the tips provided in this blog, you should be able to get your windows 7 working properly on that screen once again. Not all the solutions will work for everyone, so try a few and see which one works best for you. Thanks for reading.

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