Samsung monitor menu button not working

How To Fix Samsung Monitor Menu Button Not Working? Fix Guide

If you are experiencing the Samsung monitor menu button not working, then this Fix Guide is for you. This guide will help you troubleshoot and fix the issue so that your monitor works as it should. By following the steps in this guide, you will be able to fix the Samsung monitor menu button not working in no time.

This guide consists of five easy fixes that you can use to fix the issue. Follow these steps, and your monitor will be working fine:

Solution#1: Test Your Monitor using another Computer

Learn how to test your monitor using another computer. This will help you know whether the issue is related to the Samsung model or not. If it works on a different computer, then it’s likely that a driver problem has caused this issue on your own PC as well.

You may also need to test it on another computer as the menu button may not be working due to a problem with your computer’s USB port. You can test the monitor by connecting it to the other computer using a USB cable and hitting the menu button. If the monitor works, then the problem is likely with your USB port. If the monitor does not work, then the problem may be with your Samsung monitor. In this case, you will need to take it in for repair.

Solution#2: Make sure to watch out for clues

You can think of the monitor menu button not working as a clue that there is something wrong with your Samsung model. Make sure to pay attention when you use this computer and be ready for any possible issue that could occur. Pay close attention to how other people interact with their computers because it might give you an insight into what’s wrong or right in this situation too.

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Solution#3: Check the Connections

It might be time to take a look at your monitor’s power cable connections. Sometimes problems can arise from incorrect wiring or ports. By personal demonstration and checking these things out, you should be able to fix the Samsung monitor menu button not working common issue on your own.

To check the cable loose connection on a Samsung monitor, follow these steps:

  1. Open the “Device Settings menu” on your Samsung monitor.
  2. Select “Display.”
  3. Under the “Display” section, select “Screen Resolution.”
  4. On the “Screen Resolution” window, find the HDMI connection and click on it.
  5. On the “HDMI” connection’s properties window, find the “Status” field and click on it.
  6. The “Status” field should show “connected.” If it does not, please check the cable connections and try again. If the problem still persists, you have contact option with a Samsung representative for assistance.

Solution#4: Update Your Drivers

Sometimes outdated drivers can cause a variety of issues with your computer hardware and software. Therefore, it is always best to update your drivers to stay on top of any possible problems that could come up. This will help you keep the Samsung monitor menu button not working issue from occurring in the future.

The basic steps for updating drivers on a PC include downloading the correct driver, installing the driver, and then restarting your computer. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you out:

  1. Download the correct driver for your device by visiting the manufacturer’s website or by searching for the driver on a search engine.
  2. Install the driver by double-clicking the downloaded file.
  3. Restart your computer.
  4. After your computer has restarted, you should now be able to use your device with the latest driver.
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Solution#5: With your keyboard, reset and update the BIOS

Sometimes a BIOS update can help fix the Samsung monitor menu button not working. It is best to reset your computer if it has been recently updated or after any significant changes are made as well. Taking steps like these will hopefully solve this problem and keep you from experiencing it in the future too.

To reset and update the BIOS, follow these simple steps:

  1. Disconnect all peripheral devices, including the power cord and optical drive.
  2. Turn off the computer and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  3. Remove the hard drive and the optical drive.
  4. Locate the BIOS chip and remove it from its socket.
  5. Reset the BIOS by pressing the motherboard reset button and then replugging in the power cord and hard drive. Reinstall the optical drive and hard drive.
  6. Reconnect all peripheral devices and turn on the computer.

Can I use an HDMI cable to connect my Samsung monitor to another device and still be able to use it with no problems?

An HDMI cable is a type of video cable that transmits high-definition (HD) digital signals. While an HDMI cord can connect your Samsung monitor to another device, it cannot be used simultaneously with the power button on your television or monitor.

So if you want to use two devices at once, then you would need separate cables for both, and they should have different inputs as well, so this will work fine. So if both are using the same input (e.g., power button), you will need a converter so that the devices can both use it simultaneously!


Should I reset my Samsung monitor menu button not working?

In some cases, a simple power-cycle of your computer can solve the problem. In other cases, you may want to reset and update the BIOS as described in this article. However, if your video display only works occasionally or intermittently, then it is probably time for a new one anyway!

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Why do I need to reset my Samsung monitor menu button?

Samsung monitors have a power-on/off button that is used as the reset function. When you power off your computer or laptop, this button sometimes gets bumped and pressed multiple times by users who want to turn on their system again. By pressing the same button repeatedly, it may get stuck in a state indicating “Power On,” which may lead to the monitor menu button not working.

The power button reset is commonly used to solve common issues like this, but it will also reset the screen brightness and power-on timeout status, so please be careful!

Samsung monitor menu button not working after sleep mode?

Your Samsung Monitor display may stop responding when you put it in Sleep Mode. You need to reset your Samsung monitor menu button power-on state to fix this problem.

The “Power On” option on the monitor menu is disabled when turned off or put in sleep mode.

You can reset it by pressing and holding down the Menu button for 6 seconds (keep holding until all LEDs stop flashing), then release for faster response. You will see the green light flash for a few seconds before displaying menu options again on your Samsung monitor menu device button.

What is the best way to clean a Samsung monitor?

The best way to clean a Samsung monitor is with a microfiber cloth and some rubbing alcohol. Simply swab the screen on both sides, being careful not to scratch it. If you have one handy, you can also use an anti-static wipe, but do not press too hard against the screen as that may damage your device at fault.


If your Samsung monitor’s menu button is not working, there might be a solution for you in the guide. By following our guide and using the provided fixes, you should be able to get your monitor working as it should. I hope you find one of the solutions work for you.

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