Is A 4K Monitor Worth it?

Is A 4K Monitor Worth it?

Buying a monitor display with 4K resolution means extremely sharp and crystal-clear images. These monitors are generally demanded by content creators and video editors however, some gamers and other professionals also opt for 4K monitors. 

So, how much resolution is 4k? Usually, monitors with this resolution are capable of producing 3840 x 2160 pixels. Therefore, result in a crisp, vivid, and eye-catching display with impressive efficiency and features. 

Is A 4K Monitor Worth it?

Overall, it offers a heart-winning performance and is a worth-investing option for those who crave exceptionally high-quality visuals. You can enjoy uninterrupted daily work on 1080p resolution as well but 4k resolution is far better than 1080p when it comes to professional gaming or video editing. 

Remember, not every monitor fits in 4K for example, if we talk about PC gaming, currently, the ultra high definition monitors with 4K resolution is what most gamers rely on.

Since 4k is on hype, it is better to understand its worthiness, economical price, and dependability. You must be wondering is 4k enough for all types of gaming? Is 4k expensive? What perks of having a 4k monitor?

You would be delighted to know that you can find answers to all these questions below so, start digging in. 

Is the 4K monitor worth it?

Despite being extremely hyped and widely demanded, many people are confused if a 4K monitor is actually worth all the hype and money. So, here is our take on it:

With 4K monitors, you will get four times more pixels compared to a Full HD Display. A 4k resolution screen holds 3,840 horizontal pixels + 2,160 vertical pixels, on the whole, 8.3 million pixels, and is usually represented as “3840 x 2160”. It is also referred to as 2160p or Ultra HD.

The Kin 4K means kilo (1000) so, if any monitor or TV has approached 4 kilo or 4000pixels, it is known as a 4K screen. One of the most amazing benefits of a 4k monitor is that a greater 4k pixel density ensures the picture quality is more detailed and vivid.

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Note: Higher the resolution, the pixels are higher accordingly.

If you have 4k versions of the consoles such as Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro, denser pixels offered by the 4K monitors are definitely for you. No matter if you have the smallest screen size, how dense the pixels are in 4K resolution makes an image highly vivid, sharp, and clear.

Now for your answer, a 4K monitor is definitely worth it if you already have a set of the required hardware for the best performance. Since higher-end GPU, CPU and other specs could cost you some big bucks, you must either have them already or have enough budget to afford these. 

In case you are short on budget and want to build a beast 4K gaming rig from scratch, the hefty prices might not only disappoint you but pop your dream bubble of a robust gaming rig. 

compare 4K with 2K and 5K:

To figure out if 4k screens are worth purchasing, we have compared 4K with 2K and 5K resolution. 

If you plan to build a powerful gaming PC or simply upgrade your older one for a 2K targeted resolution, we would suggest you get a 4K monitor. Doing so will enable you to jump up to 4k when desired or simply stick to 2k if you want the performance. 

If we talk about the price gap between both, it is not significant enough. Even though 4k is far better than 2k, you must determine your requirements and make a wise and lasting decision.

As far as the 5k monitors are concerned, these offer the maximum amount of pixels, along with an ideal connectivity system. 5K monitors are well-suited for a focused working environment and are more expensive than 4k monitors.

Now that we know how 4K monitors works and what are their key characteristic, its time to check out some advantages and disadvantages of the monitors.

Advantages of a 4K monitor:

1.) Multiple Sizes & Optimum Performance:

Monitors come in different sizes in which some have a bigger surface whereas, some have less. For HD monitors a 24-inch diagonal display screen is ideal but, when it comes to 4K monitors, the sweet spot” refers to 27 inches.

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At this size, you will get crystal-clear screens and sharper images reliable for performing your tasks. Anything bigger can be uncomfortable for several obvious reasons. 

A 27-inches 4k screen provides you brighter images that will be sharper than 24-inches monitors. As a gamer, what matters the most to you is the clear visuals for the tiniest detail so that you dont miss any shot. Your winning and losing depend on the images you see on the screen. 

Hence, at this point, high resolution matters more than the screen size. There is simply no point in getting a huge screen that is unable to display clear visuals even at 4K. For this case, a 27-inch display screen size is the most suitable choice. 

Note: With 27-inch gaming 4K monitors, aliasing will get reduced so that you can see even small details.

2.) Better in-game visuals:

Some people believe that 4k in a smaller screen is useless but, what they do not know is a 27-inches monitor has unique image depth and clearance. Additionally, it is superb for gaming especially if you love playing such demanding games.

The difference between 2160p and 1080p is that 4K is greater in resolution. It can boost your gaming rig and can support competitive gaming as well to help you enjoy the real fun.

So, invest in a 4K monitor and enjoy fast-paced games such as Call of Duty, CS: GO, Players Unknown Battle Grounds (PUBG), etc. 

3.) Future-Proof Performance:

It is surely worthy to invest in a 4k monitor since it is safe and regret-free because the display technology will evolve. 4k monitors are future-proof so you can enjoy this technology timely in an immersive gaming display.

You will get a chic screen with a potentially higher resolution, that will undoubtedly leave you overwhelmed with a 4k display.

Disadvantages of 4K monitor:

1.) Needs powerful hardware:

To make your 4K monitor blend well with the other specs of your system, you must find compatible hardware. Currently, 4k only supports GTX 1070 and 1080 if you want to play higher-quality games efficiently.

Low-quality cards can hinder performance and interrupt a seamless gaming experience. The best performance is offered by top-notch GPUs and hardware and that is why a low-priced 4k monitor isnt recommended.

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Note: FreeSync/G-Sync compatibility count for overall impressive performance.

2.) Dubious Compatibility:

When talking about compatibility, it is probably the most annoying issue faced by the users in 4K monitors. If you desire you watch the content or play your games in ultra-high definition quality, you must have the latest games. 

This is why all games arent compatible with 4k monitors and this could be a big downside for many gamers. In order to display in 4k resolution, several older titles are required to be upscaled. Note that even if you upscale a Full HD 1080p image, it would fail miserably to match the levels of 4Ks 2160p resolution. 

3.) A Bit Expensive:

Lastly, the 4k monitors are expensive and best suitable for expensive games. However, for the most premium gaming experience, you dont only need to get a monitor with 4K resolution but require several other compatible specs too.

You must have a 4k + less input lagging, higher refresh rate, low response time, top-tier GPU, and fast performing processor. Sounds a lot, right?

That being said, you cannot expect to get your desired 4K monitor under a budget of $500 only. If you have high-end compatible hardware, you can find a 4K monitor under this price point otherwise, it seems more than impossible.

Speaking of the value for the money a 4K monitor has, it isnt expensive at all considering the performance.

Is a 4K monitor worth it? – Conclusion: 

As we know, a monitor with 4K resolution is four times more than traditional 1920 x 1080 Full HD TVs, it displays exceptional image quality. If you plan to upgrade from a 2K resolution to a 4K resolution while the screen size is the same, you will be able to achieve your preferred results.

So, is a 4K monitor worth it?

Yes! It is. Even though it is an expensive investment but is absolutely worth each penny, thanks to its latest technologies that are not going to get old any sooner. With these monitors, you get an immersive gaming experience while playing your favorite games. These are also great for enjoying everyday web surfing and entertainment.

While making a purchase for 4K monitors, make sure your hardware is compatible enough to synchronize with the 4K resolution and offer an exceptional experience. 

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