How to Unlock a Dell Monitor

How to Unlock a Dell Monitor

Many dell users see a lock symbol in the center of their screen which indicates that the monitor is locked however, this lock symbol appears & disappears frequently. Have you experienced it too? When this happens, a lot of users are clueless about what is happening. Some think that their system is hacked whereas some try unlocking it by using all their knowledge. 

Using a Dell Monitor, you can control a number of functions and menus including default settings of the screen, color, brightness, resolution, vertical & horizontal position, etc.

Since the Dell monitors are integrated with unique technology, if you press the wrong button accidentally or intentionally, it can result in locking the Dell screen. However, to resolve the monitor’s locking problem, you need to press the appropriate key combination required to unlock the Dell display.  

What Is Meant By Unlocking A Dell Monitor?

Dell monitors feature numerous MENU or SETTINGS buttons which gives you control of several options. If pressed wrongly, your monitor will be locked and the procedure to remove the lock symbol from your screen is simply what unlocking a Dell monitor means.

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How To Unlock A Dell Monitor? – 2 Easy Solutions 

Stuck with a lock symbol on your Dell monitor screen? Don’t worry, we understand your struggle and frustration. That is why we have brought to you 2 very simple yet effective solutions to unlock the Dell monitor.

1.) Press And Hold The Menu Button:

Many people try some unsuccessful handful tactics to overcome the issue but fail miserably. We suggest you don’t try anything on your own and follow the easy steps. 

First off, press the menu button for a couple of seconds, preferably press for good 15-16 seconds. Now, press and hold the monitor’s menu or settings button for some time or to be precise, for 15 to 20 seconds. The screen would unlock now. 

For those who have an advanced Dell monitor, the method mentioned above might not work for them. Don’t worry, we have a solution for it too. To unlock your advanced Dell monitor screen, press and hold the monitor’s bottom button for the same time i.e., 15 to 20 seconds, your screen must unlock now.

Note: In order to lock the Dell monitor, the same procedure can be followed.  

2.) Try A Cold Reset:

If the press and hold option didn’t work for you, you can try making a cold reset. This can be done by removing the connected cables, disconnecting all the power sources, and then again starting afresh. The step to be followed are mentioned below:

  • You must disconnect each and every cable from the monitor including, power, USB, DVI, HDMI, etc. 
  • Open the connecter. If it doesn’t come out with your hand, use a screwdriver. 
  • Press & hold the power button for not more than 5 to 10 seconds.
  • The above step will discharge the monitor’s remaining power.
  • Release the button after 5 to 10 seconds and press it once again to turn off the monitor.
  • Leave it for some time.
  • After a few minutes, connect all the cables and start the screen.
  • Once the screen is turned on, follow the steps of method 1
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Why Is It Crucial To Learn About Monitor’s Locking And Unlocking?

If you use your computer for playing games or doing some graphics work, you must save the settings such as color, brightness, aspect ratio, etc. accordingly. Now if settings get changed by someone else or even you, the idea of repeating the whole process and changing every setting again sounds quite irritating. 

On the other hand, if we talk about places where computers are used by the general public i.e., several people in one day, it is highly important to save the computer settings. In these cases, monitor locking plays a vital role because if anyone tries to mess up with the setting, the monitor gets locked without having the settings changed. This results in no need of repeating the process.

Note: If you want to change the monitor settings, you will have to unlock the monitor first. 

Considering all that is said above, Locking and unlocking the monitor screen should-be-known procedures so that the users can handle it themselves without panicking. 

Got some questions? 

1.) How Can I Adjust My Monitor?

If your monitor is out of calibration and needs some adjustment, there is a very straightforward series of steps that you need to follow. 

  • Open Control Panel on your Windows
  • Click on “Calibrate”
  • Now select “Display” and then “Calibrate Display Color”

From here, you will be able to access several display-related options such as brightness, contrast, color, etc. 

2.) How To wake Up The Dell Monitor?

When your monitor is turned on but is left unused for a good couple of minutes, it will automatically fall asleep. You can wake your monitor up by pressing any key on the keyboard once or by making one click on the mouse. If your monitor is a slow performer, it would take a few moments to wake up. 

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Note: If you find it an annoying feature, you can simply turn it off from the settings.  

3.) How many Buttons Are There At The Monitor’s Bottom?

Also known as touch-sensitive buttons, the majority of the monitors have 3 buttons for power, contrast, and brightness.

4.) Why Is My Dell Monitor Not Turning On?

The primary reason due to which your Dell monitor might fail to turn on is the improper attachment of the power cable. So, if you encounter such an issue, make sure that the power cord is working properly.


Unlocking a Dell monitor is not something that you must worry about. Both the processes of locking and unlocking are pretty easy and takes only a few minutes. It is a basic thing that most of the users call “trouble”. Therefore, proper knowledge about it is necessary.

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