Best Gaming Monitor For PS4

Best Gaming Monitor For PS4

As computer technology advances, monitor manufacturers are constantly looking to up their games to match the trends and fashion of modern gaming requirements. This is not an easy task. The market is so boorish and competitive that if the manufacturers don’t keep up, they might be eliminated.

With the advances in GPU tech pushing the limits of what is considered a reasonable refresh rate for a gaming unit, it becomes even more crucial to keep the pace.

Without jumping into the rabbit hole of console vs PC debate, I’d simply put out a definitive statement that consoles are basically watered-down versions of moderately powerful dedicated gaming PCs. There is absolutely no way even the most powerful gaming console can match the performance of a purpose-built gaming PC.

As a result, the requirements for console gaming are much lower when compared with PC gaming. Even with the arrival of PS5, PC dominance in terms of performance is unrivaled. Therefore, a monitor that might be inadequate for PCs might very easily adjust to a PS4!

Even then, if you’re looking to buy a monitor, it is important to keep in mind the qualities of the highest quality monitor for PS4 gaming. Otherwise, there are so many monitors out there and so many deals in the gaming monitor market that a rookie can easily get confused on what to buy and what to look for.

Here is a list of must-see items when you are looking for a monitor for your PS4:

1.) Resolution:

Resolution is arguably the most important aspect of a gaming monitor. The resolution will determine the final image quality of your monitor. How sharp (or blurred) the image depends largely on the resolution of the screen.

The image on any screen is made up of very small differently colored individual components. Each of these individual components is independently called a pixel. Put simply, the resolution is the number of individual pixels your screen can display. The more pixels your screen can show, the higher the pixel count, and as a result, the sharper the final image generated by your PS4 will be.

Manufacturers offer several resolutions and variations in gaming monitors, but the higher it is, the better for you. Typical resolutions on offer are 720p, 1080p (Full HD), 2k (Ultra HD), Quad HD, 4k, etc. The higher the number of pixels, the more costly it will be for you, but at the same time, the gaming on your PS4 will become more and more enjoyable.

Higher picture resolutions are targeted at game titles where the developer tries to convey a sense of environment. Consider open-world games where there is dense vegetation or urban sprawls where the GPU must render extremely detailed trees, shrubs, houses, and buildings.

Take the Assassin’s Creed franchise for instance. A huge part of the gaming experience in the Assassin’s Creed titles is freely roaming the streets and alleys of Florence and Roma. Higher resolutions are targeted at these games specifically.

2.) Refresh Rate:

Old cartoons were basically detailed pictures drawn by hand, put on a reel, and sped in front of a light source. This gave the impression that the images drawn by hand were in motion. The technology may have advanced, but the underlying principles haven’t changed. Today PS4s and PCs also employ the same principle to display movement. By quickly alternating between successive images, a monitor generates the illusion of motion.

The refresh rate describes this exact property. Refresh rate is the number of times your monitor can refresh its screen and display a different image. A 60 Hz monitor can show 60 distinct images per second. A 120 Hz monitor on the other hand is faster and can show 120 images per second.

Higher frame rates are associated with better gaming performances and smoother gameplays, Lower frame rates result in choppy display. Although for a PS4, exorbitantly high frame rates are not necessary because a PS4 only renders approx. 30-60 frames per second depending on the type of game you’re playing.

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3.) Response Time:

Response time is also a key metric when benchmarking the performance of a gaming monitor. It is described as the time taken by an individual pixel on the screen to change from one color to another. It is measured in milliseconds (ms).

A lower response rate means your PS4 will be more responsive, allowing you to make quicker decisions by reducing the reaction time required to act.

There is some confusion surrounding response time. Some manufacturers measure the metric in GTG (Grey to Grey), others measure it in MPRT (Motion Picture Response Time). It is important to do proper research before committing to a purchase.

4.) Panel Type:

LCD technicians use three panels to build their monitors on. Each has its pros and cons, and the choice depends on the intended use.

TN (Twisted Nematic) panels are the best performance-wise and are the beasts of the competitive gaming world. If you are a hardcore gamer and looking for every bit of advantage you can get, then TN panels are the right choice. Keep in mind that TN panels are also associated with the worst image quality and poorest viewing angles.

IPS (InPlane Switching) panels are the best at displaying the richness of colors and are regularly used by graphic designers who need remarkable clarity and accuracy of color. On the other hand, they are the slowest and usually not considered suitable by esports professionals. Generally, monitors that display lots of colors are sluggish because, in high-speed events, they cannot shift colors very quickly!

VA (Vertical Alignment) offers a sort of middle ground between the two. VA panels have glorious colors and contrast ratios, and their viewing angles are comparable to IPS panels. They used to be even slower than IPS panels but recent advances in panel tech have bridged the gap between TN and VA panels performance-wise.

The decision of selecting a panel depends largely on what type of games you like to play on your PS4. For detailed graphics, it is better to go with an IPS display, and for competitive gaming, TN panels are best.

5.) Curved vs Flat:

Since their introduction in 2013 by Samsung and LG, curved screens have spawned this entirely new topic for debate.

Curved screens are favored by gamers who have a lot of space to house their gaming setup and can spend the extra $$. Flatscreens on the other hand don’t require as much room and are less expensive compared to curved ones.

Best Gaming Monitor For PS4

Here is a list of recommendations of some of the best gaming monitors compatible with PS4. Although the best gaming monitors are PC-focused, the trick is not to look for PC-first monitors that are stuffed with the latest and greatest. Rather, look for reasonable performance that can sync easily with your PS4.

1MSI Optix G273QF● Screen Size: 27”
● Refresh Rate: 165 Hz
● Resolution: 2560 x 1440p
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2BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510● Screen Size: 24”
● Refresh Rate: 120 Hz
● Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
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3Samsung U28E590D● Screen Size: 28”
● Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
● Resolution: 3840×2160p
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4BenQ EX3203R● Screen Size: 32”
● Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
● Resolution: 2560×1440p
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5BenQ EL2870U● Screen Size: 28”
● Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
● Resolution: 3840×2160
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6Sceptre E248B FPT168● Screen Size: 24”
● Refresh Rate: 165 Hz
● Resolution: 1080p
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7ViewSonic XG2705● Screen Size: 27”
● Refresh Rate: 144 Hz
● Resolution: 1080p
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8Gigabyte G27FC● Screen Size: 27”
● Refresh Rate: 165 Hz
● Resolution: 1080p
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9BenQ XL2546● Screen Size: 24”
● Refresh Rate: 240 Hz
● Resolution: 1080p
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10LG 24UD58-B● Screen Size: 23.8 Inches
● Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
● Resolution: 3840 x 2160p
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Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) MSI Optix G273QF

MSI Optix G273QFMSI is a Taiwanese company and a relatively obscure brand in the world of gaming in the Western hemisphere.

The Optix G273QF model is built on a 27-inch IPS panel and comes with a 2560 x 1440 WQHD resolution, producing remarkable colors on a PS4. The monitor has a refresh rate of 165 Hz as advertised by the manufacturer which is more than enough for gaming on a PS4 making it a versatile monitor that can also be used for PC.

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The monitor is Nvidia G-Sync compatible to minimize screen tear and motion blur and is also equipped with a DisplayPort connection and two HDMI ports. You can basically plug and play without the need for extensive setup and assembly.

The response rate for this monitor is 1 ms GTG and the manufacturer has added an anti-glare coating for the best viewing experience.

2.) BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510

BenQ MOBIUZ EX2510BenQ is one of the leading manufacturers in the computer monitor sector and has delivered quality time and again.

The MOBIUS EX2510 model is extremely economical and affordable and just like the aforementioned item on this list, is based on a 24-inch IPS panel to create the best possible imagery on a gaming-focused screen. 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution ensures decent picture quality and acceptable levels of performance at 120 Hz. With a super-fast 1 ms (MPRT) response time, the monitor also ensures responsiveness on a PS4.

The monitor is pre-equipped with two 2.5 W speakers which have three default presets as sound options. Quick OSD options have also been installed for ease of access in adjusting display settings in-game. LightTurner and Black eQualizer tech has been integrated into the monitor which automatically enhances the darker areas of the screen, making it ideal for dimly lit environments.

BenQ’s eye care tech is responsible for reducing eye strain and has been made a part of this unit. All this in under 400 dollars make this an absolute steal.

3.) Samsung U28E590D

Samsung U28E590DSamsung is a global brand and one of the most trusted electronics manufacturers in the world. Samsung is consistently ranked as one of the top competitors of Apple Inc. as well.

With the U28E590D model, Samsung has yet again delivered on its promise of quality at an affordable price. A resolution of 3840×2160 4k UHD guarantees lifelike picture quality and terrific color accuracy on a 28-inch screen.

The monitor’s refresh rate is 144 Hz and coupled with a response time of 1 ms and marvelous resolution, it results in a grainless cinematic display on a PS4. The connectivity of the monitor is also tremendous with a DisplayPort connection and 2 HDMI ports.

The monitor is also equipped with the capability to show two different feeds from two separate sources on the same screen side by side, which is ideal for multi-machine setups. A 75 * 75 VESA compatible stand allows tilt and height adjustments. It can adjust seamlessly with a PS4 and can be used for gaming without much hassle.

4.) BenQ EX3203R

BenQ EX3203RThis is one of the pricier units on the list and as mentioned earlier, the reason for this is that it is crafted on a 32-inch VA panel and is a terrific, curved monitor for PS4.

The monitor boasts a 2560×1440 QHD resolution and a refresh rate of 144 Hz in addition to a 4 ms response time. The EX3203R model is AMD FreeSync enabled and maximizes the gaming performance and connectivity with a USB-C port. This allows the users to enjoy their games without any screen tear or stuttering.

This monitor comes with HDR support and can run complex video content on PS4 very smoothly. The curved screen places the user at the center and wraps around them resulting in a truly immersive triple-A grade gaming experience.

The ergonomic stand allows all sorts of tilt and height adjustments and BenQ’s eyecare technology ensure long gaming sessions without headaches or eye strain.

5.) BenQ EL2870U

BenQ EL2870UBenQ is the leader in affordable monitors and this monitor is specifically targeted at console gamers. 28 inches of flat 3840×2160 4K resolution and HDR support ensure that this monitor will fit seamlessly into any setup. It is one of the best 4k monitors for gaming on a PS4.

The monitor improves picture quality by automatically increasing the pixel density of low-resolution content for unbelievable clarity. The design of the monitor is ultra-slim and compact so that even with a 28” inch screen, it will occupy minimum desk space. The setup for the monitor is also pretty swift and easy.

AMD FreeSync support puts an end to screen tearing for fluid and gameplay and improved performances. Keep in mind that the monitor has been built using a TN panel and probably won’t have wide viewing angles or the picture quality of an IPS panel. This is a gaming monitor built for competitive gaming, not picture quality.

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6.) Sceptre E248B FPT168

Sceptre E248B FPT168This is without a doubt one of the best monitors on this list. The manufacturer isn’t a huge brand, so you don’t have to pay the brand tax either. It is an entry-level PS4 monitor with a high refresh rate.

Available at just a shade under 350 dollars, a 24-inch 1080p Full HD resolution on an IPS panel with an above-average maximum screen refresh rate of 165 Hz is probably the deal of a lifetime. The monitor offers maximum connectivity with three HDMI ports in addition to a DisplayPort connection.

The monitor is fully AMD FreeSync compatible, and the manufacturer has also added eye care technology to reduce the stress due to extensive screen time. An ergonomic stand offers height and tilt adjustments.

The best thing about the monitor is its virtually edgeless and bezel-less design. No borders and all screen will make your games jump to life in the most literal sense of the word while supporting AAA demanding gaming titles.

7.) ViewSonic XG2705

ViewSonic XG2705The ViewSonic XG2705 model has also been built on a 27-inch IPS panel, which translates as vibrant colors, display accuracy, minimum motion blur, and maximum immersiveness. The IPS panel also means that the monitor has wide viewing angles.

The XG2705 model clocks its maximum refresh rate at 144 frames per second and offers a Full HD 1080p display. The screen has been embedded with FlickerFree technology, which ensures that any screen tearing, backlight dimming, or flickering is reduced to a bare minimum making it ideal for PS4 gaming. The monitor is extremely responsive with only a 1 ms (MPRT) response time.

Similar to the previous item on this list, this monitor also features a three-sided bezel-less design. An ergonomic stand provides maximum comfort on gaming marathons.

8.) Gigabyte G27FC

Gigabyte G27FCThis monitor is also from a relatively unknown brand, but the price to performance ratio is unmatched. It is nonetheless a very good budget entry-level monitor for PS4 users.

The Gigabyte G27FC monitor provides a 165 Hz maximum refresh rate and Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution. The monitor has been built using a VA panel which offers the best contrast ratio among the three panels and their picture quality is also comparable to IPS panels. If you’re looking for clarity and crispness, then this is the right choice.

The response time for the monitor is 1 ms (MPRT) with an aspect ratio of 16:9 on a curved screen. It has all the necessary ingredients for making a great console-focused PS4 monitor.

9.) BenQ XL2546

BenQ XL2546This model by BenQ is the priciest model on the list even though it’s a non-4k monitor and you might have to go slightly over budget with the purchase of this monitor for your PS4.

This is a dedicated esports monitor best suited for ranked gaming and competitive matches and will have a near-instant impact on your gaming performance. With a frame rate above 200 Hz clocking max at 240 Hz, this monitor truly is a beast. BenQ has developed DyAc technology, especially for clarity and responsiveness during high-speed action events such as spraying. The integration of this technology will help you overpower your opponents in FPS shooter and when ADS-ing on your PS4.

The monitor also has removable and adjustable vision shields to block peripheral using a plastic screen over both edges of the screen resulting in improved focus. The panel employed in building the monitor is TN (which is why it offers such dynamic performance) and it should be kept in mind that its picture quality will not be as crisp as some of the other monitors on the list.

10.) LG 24UD58

LG 24UD58LG is also a huge brand that is trusted globally and operates in several countries.

The 24UD58 model is crafted on a 24-inch IPS panel and offers a resolution of 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels, all of which guarantee great color coverage and contrast. The monitor has been built while keeping the needs of the gamers in mind. The monitor offers a moderate 144 frames per second and the picture quality when connected to a PS4 is mint.

The manufacturer has clocked its response time at 5 m (which is a bit more realistic than all the claims of 1 ms). LG has an integrated Black Stabilizer which automatically identifies the darker areas on the screen and brightens them accordingly.

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