asus laptop screen flickering when scrolling

How to Fix Asus Laptop Screen Flickering When Scrolling? Causes and Fixes

Asus laptop screens are known for their outstanding visual display quality, but this doesn’t mean that they’re immune to the occasional glitch. However, many Asus laptop problems can be fixed with a simple workaround. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix the Asus laptop screen flickering when scrolling, an issue that is particularly common on this model of laptop.

Causes of Asus Laptop Flickering when Scrolling

A flickering laptop screen can be caused by a number of factors, including the graphics card, the power supply unit, and the display panel. However, it is simply due to a faulty display driver failure panel in most cases.

Cause 1: Graphics Card

Asus laptop graphics card and hardware failure is the most common cause of flickering screen, wildly when the display panel flickers while you are streaming videos on YouTube or playing games. Unfortunately, the flickering screen issue often occurs due to driver problems and some other settings that might have been modified in the graphics driver card control panel.

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Cause 2: Power Supply Unit

The display panel flickering issue can also be caused by a faulty power supply unit, as the screen flickers when the laptop is booting up. This problem usually occurs when the graphics driver card driver has been installed improperly, or an operating system update has resulted in new settings affecting display quality.

Cause 3: The Display Panel

The flickering screen issue on the Asus laptop may also be caused by a faulty display panel damaged due to excessive heat from overuse. If the flickering screen issue occurs due to display panel failure, you will be able to see black screens or other colored graphics as the laptop screen flickers.

Asus Laptop Screen Flickering When Scrolling: Fix with 8 Steps


Step 1: Update and Delete Incompatible Apps

  1. Hold down the Ctrl, Shift, and Esc keys to launch Task Manager on your keyboard.
  2. If Task Manager window is flickering:
  • If yes, move on to step 2.
  • If you don’t have a Windows system, there’s a chance that certain apps will be incompatible. Consider updating or removing any recently added programs to see if that helps with the ASUS laptop screen flickering problem.

Step 2: Update Graphics Card Driver

Suppose the flickering screen issue occurs due to graphics card failure, Asus laptop screen flickering when scrolling is an issue that can be fixed by updating or installing the correct basic display driver tab. You’ll need to check whether the computer system was recently updated with any new desktop software and operating system updates. If it hasn’t been restarted since a recent update, download and installs Windows 10 smart driver from the ASUS website hereafter, following simple chipset driver installation instructions here.

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Step 3: Run Antivirus Software Scan

You should also run a full system scan with the antivirus software to check for any threats or malicious files interfering with your laptop screen flickering problem.

Step 4: Disable Windows Desktop Manager

The desktop manager software causes the screen flicker issue, so disable it to see if that solves the flicker. You can open the settings app > display settings page and select a category for the graphics card you wish to turn on or off.

For Asus laptop screen flickering, right-click or press control + enable device driver updater Asus laptop screen flickering when scrolling fix option related in device manager tab (this should also allow text chat applications too) and press the button.

Step 5: Change the Refresh Rate

The refresh rate estimates how frequently the screen redraws each second. Albeit this setting is connected with established desktop screens, it can influence the nature of the Liquid Crystal Displays found in PCs.

If enabled, click on “Advanced Settings” and ” laptop Screen Resolution.” Then, locate a check adjacent to “Dark Modes This Monitor Cannot Show” and pick a higher refresh rate from the list.

Step 6: Turn on Vertical Sync

If you notice a flicker when DirectX or OpenGL are being utilized, for example, while playing a PC game, turn on Vertical Sync.

The refresh rate of the application is locked to the screen refresh rate using Vertical Sync, or VSync. Even with the reduction in light, the picture quality is further enhanced. VSync is available in the “Manage 3D color Settings” section of Nvidia cards, while wait for Vertical Refresh” is available on ATI/AMD cards.

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How Much Will it Cost me to Fix this Problem?

The typical costs of laptop screen flickering and issues like Asus laptop screen shot flashing when scrolling are anywhere from $150-$300.

Can I Fix this Problem Myself, or do I Need to take it to a Technician?

The laptop screen flickering issue is susceptible to being fixed by the end-user (as long as you follow our steps). Instead, you’ll want to download your system’s software update, restart your computer, and test the refresh rate settings. If this resolution does not resolve the problem, continue troubleshooting steps as outlined above until it is determined.

Does it Make Sense to Replace the Laptop Screen?

According to a common rule of thumb, if the repair cost is less than half of the laptop’s purchase price, it’s usually worth it. However, the software installed on the computer or the stored data may be worth more than the computer itself.


Asus laptop screen flickering when scrolling is a common issue that many people face. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to try and fix it. By following the instructions outlined in this blog, you should be able to restore your laptop to its original working condition. We hope this article was of some help.









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